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Jan. 15th 2004

Rabbit Hill ----- ENGLISH HOMEPAGE

Hi and welcome!

On the newspage you'll find more stuff about RABBIT HILL including
photos, real audio & mp3 files, gossip, informations etc.
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song-, photo- , international review-, link- pages and much more)

RH - die Mannschaft!

THIS PAGE gives you
some brief informations about the band:

The music of RABBIT HILL is a kind of guitar oriented classic (hard-) rock.
Existing since 1993 the band is playing self composed songs settled somewhere between the three big Cs:
Clapton - Cocker - Coverdale....
The band's name refers to a famous district of munich: "Hasenbergl" (english: Rabbit Hill), comparable to the Bronx in N.Y.C.
Different music influences (from late 70ties to early 90ties) contribute to the typical sound of
RABBIT HILL. The result is a harmonic combination of ballads, rock 'n roll and rocksongs crossing the line from puristic accoustic grooves to melodic (hard-) rock beats.

The (english) lyrics of the first album "Carrots and Sticks" reflect personal experiences.


Up to now RABBIT HILL had various radio airplays all over Germany and five tv-invitations with interview.

Since september 1996 the band is playing in clubs and concert halls around munich and the south of Germany.

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