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Jan. 15th 2004

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RABBIT HILL "Carrots and Sticks", Rockwerk Records CD 0674


Review by Birgitt Schwanke (Hardline, Rock-it!), october 1999:

RABBIT HILL Carrots & Sticks
(released: self-financed/ Rock Werk Rec.)
Some of you might have already recognized that I'm definitely addicted to German Hard Rock in general - and if this also valid for you you absolutely have to check out the brillant self-financed album by Rabbit Hill.

"Carrots & Sticks" was originally recorded three years ago but since it was completely sold out, the band decided to re-issue their debut and now have already started to work on the follow-up disc as well.
"Carrots and Sticks" offers a splendid mix of German Hard Rock with the "three big C's" as it is so well described in their promo info material. The three C's are Clapton-Coverdale-Cocker. Classic Hard Rock with bluesy riffs here and there - that's simply it.
Personally I have listened to four certain songs from this disc more often than to everything else lately.
The brilliant opener "Lonesome dancer" with a classic old Scorpions-type of guitar intro and the highly remarkables grooves and choirs made this one stack in my ears for days!!!

Also amongst those four track is a song called "Coming Home", a bluesy rocker in tradition of early Whitesnake combined with the typical biker sound - and that's exactly what the lyrics are about also.
"Mr. Roper" is a unique song definitely - huge Hard Rock guitars everywhere, fantastic choruses - this one would have been played in every rock disco 10-14 years ago definitely.
The same counts for the absolutely mega-killer track "Cage Of Gold" which is a splendid mix of Whitesnake and classic Van Halen - the riffing due to guitarist Peter Woratz is simply breathtaking and high class here. This one alone is worth buying this disc!

Those above mentioned are the more classic Hard Rock sounding tunes but there are of course also fantastic blues influenced songs like "Stop The World" and "Bright Light" as well.
Just for the case that someone wonders about the strange name this band has got: it is the English translation of the district in Munich the band comes from called "Hasenbergl".
To me the name of the band, the name and the cover of the album are definitely the most original concepts I heard about lately. Since the performance, the song material and the sound of this absolutely brilliant I just wonder once again why they haven't been signed yet! Check out their great website with soundfiles at: http://www.rabbithill.de/ and contact them for ordering infos: peter@rabbithill.de

(Points: 8.5 out of 10)
Review by Birgitt Schwanke (Hardline, Rock-it!)


SILENT NOISE, july 1999 (Japan):

Click here for the interview


STRUTTERZINE, june 1999 (NL/International):

RABBIT HILL is coming out of Munich, Germany. They play melodic rock in the German tradition. The first couple of tracks are good examples of how this sounds. "Lonesome dancer" and "Coming home" are two nice melodic rockers in the BONFIRE/AFFAIR style. Track number three "Cage of gold" has some fantastic AOR keys at the beginning. The song has a very nice melodic rocksound with a great 80s guitarsolo. The following two tracks are a bit poppy and have nothing to do with the good melodic rock of the first three tracks. Happily, track number six "The witch" is a good semi-melodic rockballad with really a great chorus. The last couple of songs on the CD are nice melodic rockers, although I found the tracks "The camel" and "Shuttle of love" very weird and also quite weak. Conclusion is that this band has released a nice melodic rockalbum that besides some good songs, also contains a few weak songs. Visit their WebSite at: www.rabbit-hill.de and e-mail them at: peter@rabbit-hill.de or write them at: Peter Woratz, Ebereschenstr. 18a, 80935 Munchen, Germany.



Rabbit Hill is a mixture between the three big C's: Coverdale-Clapton-Cocker.
Great music from Bluesrock, over Rock till good ballads with their own style!


Markus Weis DURP - eZine from the progressive ocean http://www.durp.com/

The Munich band RABBIT HILL plays melodic rock in the style of COVERDALE, COCKER and BONFIRE. Sometimes influences of ASIA and DEEP PURPLE shine through as well as AOR, blues and rock'n'roll parts. All this incredients form a very good, varied and highly promising melodic rock debut CD ! We are looking forward to the new EP scheduled to be released in early summer 2000.
6 points


Detritus (USA) - Issue #38

RABBIT HILL Carrots and Sticks (B-) 1999, Rockwerk Records, 12 tracks, RT: 46:22
Rabbit Hill is a pretty cool little indie hard rock outfit from Germany. They've got a surprisingly unique and original sound and vibe to them, blending aspects of Scandinavian AOR, Euro-metal, and southern rock into a tight collection of tracks. The opener, "Lonesome Dancer" is brooding mid-tempo rock, with a fairly dark metallish feel. It caught me off-guard, as the somewhat silly name of the band and album title had me expecting something considerably more bouncy.
"Lonesome Dancer" gives way to "Coming Home," which has '70s style hard rock written all over it. It sports a very Deep Purple-ish guitar, though the overall feel makes the song seem like it could have been lifted off of any Molly Hatchet album. Track 3 is a kind of Angel-meets-Judas Priest type of rocker, "Cage Of Gold." The band blends some very pomp sounding keyboards with a chugging NWOBHM-ish guitar sound and rough vocals. Just when you think you've got the band pegged, the piano heavy ballad "Why" starts up. This track really showcases the unique voice of lead singer Dieter Bartsch. He's got a deep, tough sounding voice, that I'm having trouble coming up with a comparison for. His voice is perfect for the overall moody vibe of the disc. Other cool spots include the acoustic, almost folksy ballad "Stop The World," a mildly proggy rocker, "The Witch," and the funked-up rocker "Shuttle Of Love." The album finishes with the crunchy, evil sounding "Mr. Roper" (an ode to Norman Fell?), a sort of funky ballad called "Bright Light," and an all piano instrumental track.
Overall it's a fresh sounding, solid effort, worth checking out. Craig Matusinsky

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